Birds Make Great Pets

I bet you didn’t know birds make the best pets. It’s true. To prove my point, I put together a list of five indisputable reasons why birds make great pets.

Birds are intelligent:
Birds are one of the most intelligent pets you can own. They have the ability to learn from their owners. They can pick up human like behavior, and often surprise owners with their incredible ability to mimic a human’s actions and words. They can even learn to talk after they have spent enough time with a person to pick up words from them. When was the last time your dog or cat said “hello”, as you entered your house? The ability to talk and interact with us sets birds apart from the rest of the pet world.

Birds are social creatures:
Pet owners desire a close bond with their pets. Birds are one of the most social pets you can own. They bond quickly with their human owners, and can become just as loving as a cat or dog.

Birds are not always considered a “pet”:
If you are a renter and have to be concerned over if you are allowed a pet or not, a bird is the perfect pet for you. Birds are often not considered a “pet” by landlords, and they can continue to live with you for their entire lives. This is a great solution for a person that seeks the company of a pet, yet cannot have pets in their current living arrangements.

Birds do not need a whole lot of room:
When you have limited living space, having a large pet is not practical. However birds, because they are small themselves, can be housed in small cages that do not take up much space.

Birds are clean pets, and do not require constant grooming:
Unlike a dog or cat that sheds and can tear up furniture, a bird is a very clean pet to own. Flea dips and dog baths can be very time consuming, and expensive. However, with a bird about the only grooming an owner has to do is, a nail trim every now and then, and a bath with plain water once a week.